Kojima Productions and Konami have been less than discrete in their disputes over the past few months. So, as Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima’s contract with Konami was up in December anyway, it’s long been expected that he would step out of the company’s shadow sooner rather than later. The New Yorker reported that Kojima left Konami on October 9th, keeping with rumours that he wouldn’t be staying after the completion of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. But Konami has denied this, saying Kojima is “on vacation” after The Phantom Pain’s release and is still an employee.

When asked about the farewell party, described as “a rather cheerful but also emotional goodbye” held at Kojima Productions and including colleagues from the company and other studios, Konami claimed not to know “what kind of thing this was.” But Simon Parkin, the author of the New Yorker report, posted this tweet in response:

It’s rather telling that neither Konami’s president Hideki Hayakawa, nor their CEO Sadaaki Kaneyoshi, were seen to be in attendance at the gathering.

Kojima’s departure is sure to be keenly felt by fans of Konami, since he’s been part of the studio since 1986. But his opportunities now are limited only by his imagination, and with this in mind, we’re eagerly anticipating what he does next.

Source: The New Yorker via Kotaku

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