The Pokémon EXPO Gym, the first hands-on edutainment facility for Pokémon in Japan, is due to open in Osaka, having been announced by Sanoyas Interactions. The facility will provide fans with Pokémon info and tips on using abilities, while young guests learn together through their shared love of the franchise.

Pokemon Gym (2) Pokemon Gym (3)

Pokemon Gym (6) Pokemon Gym (7)

Starting October 31st, pre-orders of Pokémon EXPO Gym member’s cards and pass cases will become available, and after opening, which is planned to be on November 19th, they will only be available to purchase at the Pokémon Center shop in Osaka. But for paying guests, an IC payment card in the form of a Poképera translator will come with the entry fee of 500yen.

Pokemon Gym app Pokemon Gym member's card

Pokemon Gym (8) Pokepera IC card

Attractions such as Pokémon BATTLE Bowling and Charizard’s Battle Colosseum will train guests in various subjects, and reward them with special Pokémon for the X, Y, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby games, while the integrated Pokémon EXPO Gym Gear app will let them track their stats and rankings. Meanwhile, Machamp and Gardevoir will staff the help centres ready to offer assistance.

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Sources: Inside Games via Siliconera

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