News: Akiko Higashimura’s new manga on hiatus after online criticism

Akiko Higashimura, the author of Princess Jellyfish, published two episodes of her latest manga in Kodansha’s Monthly Morning Two magazine, before withdrawing the series due to online complaints.

Himozairu followed a group of young men who decide to become himo (string), who are happy to be unemployed and ‘live off a woman’s purse strings’. But a few readers took offence to their story, as they resolved to learn domestic skills to first make themselves more attractive to professional women.

Himozairu panel

Although Higashimura based the manga on real experiences, willingly put forward by her male assistant and several male friends, she still received criticism from readers who felt that Himozairu was derogatory to men, and looked down on her assistant. In response to the complaints, she chose to pull the series from publication, saying “I cannot continue with my creation without facing up to public opinion … I will take time to re-examine the plot and resume the serial after I am fully ready.”

To respect the author’s wishes, Morning Two didn’t run the manga’s third episode on October 22nd as planned. In her statement published by Kodansha, Higashimura apologised to the readers who felt “unpleasant” about the series, and those who were looking forward to the latest episode.

Sources: The Asahi Shimbun and Hachima Kikō

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