The live-action drama of Akira Hiramoto’s manga Prison School from Noboru Iguchi – adult video filmmaker turned director of schlock flicks such as Zombie Ass, Machine Girl and Robogeisha – premiered in Japan on Sunday 25th. Now, FUNimation have announced that they’ll be streaming episodes 1 and 2 starting November 3rd, at 12:11pm ET / 11:11am CT, and they’ve also posted an English preview video. (Though the subbed version’s unfortunately unavailable outside of the US, you can see the Japanese PV here).

The synopsis for the series is as follows:

It’s crude, lewd, and shocking, and now it’s live action! Fresh off the heels of the super-successful anime, Prison School Live Action is a refreshing new take on the scandalous hit manga.

There are five new male students at Hachimitsu Private Academy, the prestigious formerly all-girl’s prep school, and when the boys are caught peeping, things take a turn for the perverted! Now, the boys are stuck in the school’s on campus prison run by the beautiful and ruthless Underground Student Council, and they’ll have to scheme, flirt, and cheat their way out!

For the moment, here’s hoping us non-US fans will be able to catch the drama at a later date.

Source: Crunchyroll

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