Today, SANZIGEN Animation Studio’s CEO Hiroaki Matsuura announced on his official Twitter that his studio is launching an original anime project. The anime is being made in celebration of the company’s 10th anniversary of being formally incorporated in 2006. As yet, no details have been announced other than a set date of November 10th for a big reveal.

Founded in 2003, before being incorporated by former Gonzo employees, the company’s specialised in CG animation for series such as 009 Re:Cyborg, the new Initial D movies, and The Heroic Legend of Arslan. They’ve also produced series including Arpeggio of Blue Steel, as well as its following films, and the Miss Monochrome TV anime. In 2011, SANZIGEN formed Ultra Super Pictures by joining forces with Kill la Kill’s Studio Trigger, and Ordet who cooperated on production of Patema Inverted as part of the Ultra Super Pictures firm.

Below is Hiraoki Matsuura’s tweet announcing his company’s 10th anniversary, along with the official poster marking the occasion:

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