TV Tokyo’s official site for Gintama°, the third season of the sprawling anime based on Hideaki Sorachi’s manga, announced today that the show will embark on the Shogun Assassination arc on December 2nd. The main visual (below) that accompanies the announcement shows a few of the main players in the events following a failed attempt on the life of the Shogun ShigeShige Tokugawa.

Gintama - Shogun Assassination visual

This arc, widely recognised as one of the most significant in the series, took place between the original manga’s 202nd–524th chapters in 2014, and has been collected in the 56th–58th tankōbon volumes. It follows Gintoki as he serves as one of the Shogun’s body doubles in a multi-pronged diversion, taking place to cover the transportation of the Shogun from Edo to Kyō.

Gintama manga volumes 56 - 58
Gintama manga volumes 56-58

In other Gintama news, the official TV Tokyo site announced an event called Gintama Hare Matsuri 2016, which will take place in the Ryōgoku Kokugikan in Sumida, Tokyo on March 6th. The anime’s staff have also opened a website for the event.

Source: Gintama anime official website via Crunchyroll

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