Boku dake ga Inai Machi (The Town Where Only I Am Missing), the award-nominated manga by Kei Sanbe, is being adapted into a Noitamina TV anime series and a live-action film, both due for release next year. After the first preview and key visual were unveiled last week, the anime’s official website has now released a closer look at the character designs by Blue Exorcist’s Keigo Sasaki.

Satoru Fujinuma – aged 29, he’s a struggling manga artist and pizza delivery man with a power called Revival, which allows him to turn back time.

Bokumachi anime - SatoruBokumachi anime - Satoru (2)

Satoru aged 10 – as a fifth-grader, Satoru was a big fan of a show called Wonder Guy.

Bokumachi anime - young SatoruBokumachi anime - young Satoru (2)

Airi Katagiri – a cheerful and curious high school student who works part time at a pizza shop to earn the money to realise her dreams.

Bokumachi anime - AiriBokumachi anime - Airi (2)

Kayo Hinadzuki – Satoru’s withdrawn classmate at elementary school. When Satoru goes back in time to try and prevent his mother’s death, he lands himself back in fifth grade, just before Kayo disappeared.

Bokumachi anime - KayoBokumachi anime - Kayo (2)Bokumachi anime - Kayo (3)

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