A music x story multimedia project has been announced, which will feature a 40-minute original anime directed by Seiji Muzushima of Fullmetal Alchemist and Concrete Revolutio. The animation/game project, called Utakata: Overdrive, is set on Planet Note, where humans can no longer sing and music is weaponised.

The story, written by Tō Amane and character designer NOB-C based on Amane’s original concept, follows a group of human sound users, the Otokata, who team up for competitions with the Utakata, a non-human tribe who can sing. The main characters, Chihaya and Kaara, appear in the key visuals (featured) revealed by the creative arts tech company ICTCO at the Nakano Culture Festival 2015.

At the moment, a collaboration with CAPCOM’s rhythm arcade game crossbeats REV is underway for the project’s game aspect, while the introductory animation is produced, cast is recruited, and the insert songs that will feature within the anime and game are composed. Keep an eye on the project’s official Twitter for more details.

Utakata Overdrive twitter

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