Earlier this week, Yoshiko Umakoshi’s character designs for the aspiring hero with zero power, Izuki Midoriya, and the “Symbol of Peace” All Might were published in Shonen Jump in the latest update on My Hero Academia’s anime adaptation. Now they have been posted on the anime’s official Twitter, and the series’ author Kōhei Horikoshi has said that Umakoshi may have done an even better job of capturing his characters.

My Hero Academia - Izuki My Hero Academia - All Might

Full Metal Alchemist and Noragami’s Studio Bones is on production, with the Gundam Build Fighters director and writer team of Kenji Nagasaki and Yousuke Kuroda working together again on this upcoming series.

Also this week, the Jump+ app launched a 4-panel spin-off manga of Horikoshi’s series called My Hero Academia Smash!!, with illustration by Hirofumi Neda. You can check out his takes on Izuki and All Might below.

My Hero Academia Smash!! - Izuki and All Might


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