Fuji TV’s first commercial for the One Piece winter special ~Adventure of Nevlandia~ aired on Sunday, previewing the Foxy Pirates’ third face-off against the Straw Hat crew, and the new theme song ‘Black Make Up’ by Namie Amuro.

Scheduled for December 19th, the special will leave Luffy and his crew stranded on an island shrouded in a strange mist that blocks off all Devil Fruit powers.

Last Saturday’s issue of Weekly Shonen Jump also teased that there would be a big announcement at the end of the episode, similar to the one made to close the One Piece – Episode of Sabo special in the summer. This last announcement revealed that the next One Piece movie was slated for theatrical release in Japan in summer 2016.

One Piece - Adventure of Nevlandia
Sources: ChibiJFZ and The One Piece Podcast

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