News: Long and short previews released for Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt anime

To break up the wait for the Gundam Thunderbolt web mini-series, which will still be a month long as of tomorrow, Bandai Visual have released a 30-second preview and a 90-second long version, featuring the voices of Yuichi Nakamura’s Io Fleming, and his foe Daryl Lorentz as played by Ryohei Kimura. And jazz, don’t forget the jazz.

PV long version:

Short version:

The lucky members of the Gundam Fan Club in Japan will be able to watch the first episode on December 11th, in advance of the general release. And although, for now, none of the distribution territories have been announced outside of Japan, it’s been revealed that the first episode will be available for streaming on December 25th, at 500 yen to buy with a bonus 10-minute documentary, and 250 yen to rent.

While we’re waiting to find out if we can watch it on release, Sunrise have unveiled the character designs for Io, Daryl and the Full Armour Gundam on their official Gundam portal site, and announced the four-part anime’s cast and crew to keep us going.

Gundam Thunderbolt - Io FlemingGundam Thunderbolt - Daryl LorentzGundam Thunderbolt - Full Armour Gundam

The cast alongside the leads Nakamura and Kimura are as follows:

Toa Yukinari as Claudia Palh
Sayaka Ohara as Kara Mitchum
Daisuke Hirakawa as Cornelius Caca
Shunsuke Sakuya as Graham
Mutsumi Sasaki as Burroughs
Hiroshi Tsuchida as J.J. Sexton

Kou Matsuo of Valvrave the Liberator and Rozen Maiden is heading up the project as director as well as scriptwriter, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal’s Hirotoshi Takaya is in charge of character design, and Kunio Okawara is lead designer of the mobile suits. The other mechanical designers are Morifumi Naka of Gundam Unicorn, Seiichi Nakatani of the two Gundam 00 series and movie, and Gundam regular Hajime Katoki who has worked on Wing, Unicorn, Victory Gundam and others in the past. Other staff members include:

Art Director: Hideki Nakamura
Colour Design: Takako Suzuki
CG Director: Tomohiro Fujie
Monitor Design: Takashi Aoki
Director of Photography: Taro Wakiakira
Editor: Daisuke Imai
Music: Naruyoshi Kikuchi
Sound Director: Eriko Imai
Sound Effects: Mutsuhiro Nishimura

And below you can see the previously released announcement video, and the key visual for the first episode.

Gundam Thunderbolt - key visual ep. 1



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