If you’ve been glued to Ushio and Tora like we have, you’ll be excited to hear that the manga’s author, Kazuhiro Fujita, is launching a new horror manga in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine in the new year.

Still untitled at the moment, but described as an “astonishing modern spectacle horror”, the manga’s story was teased in the magazine: “In the darkness, you meet. The horrifying entity that is yourself. And then, if you end up meeting…you won’t be yourself anymore.”

Kazuhiro Fujita new horror manga

This will be another return to Weekly Shonen Sunday for Fujita. Shogakukan gave him his first break with Ushio to Tora, the manga originally serialised in 1990 and running up until ’96 with 33 volumes in all. His other best known series, Karakuri Circus, was then picked up by Shonen Sunday from 1997–2006. And most recently, Gekkō Jōrei (Moonlight Act), in which high-school student Gekkō Iwasaki is selected to exact the Moonlight Act and restore a world warped by blue moonlight, ran in the magazine from 2008–2014.

Source: Anime News Network

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