Today Shueisha’s Cookie, the shojo manga magazine know for serialising NANA, will be announcing that a screen version of Yue Takasuka’s Good Morning Call has been given the go-ahead. The medium and distribution format the manga will be adapted into is yet to be announced, but the story itself could easily suit anime or live-action, TV or film. It follows Nao Yoshikawa and her super-cool classmate Hasashi Uehara as a mix-up with a housing agency, and then its sudden closure, forces them into living together.

Good Morning Call (1)At the same time, the launch of Takasuka’s Good Morning Kiss Marina-hen spinoff arc will be announced in the magazine. With a first chapter 40 pages long and fronted by a full colour opening page, the story has previously been teased: “Nao is surprised at Marina’s sudden confession. How is Uehara connected to this?”

Cookie will also give readers a reprint of Good Morning Call’s first volume, originally published in 1997 after starting in Shueisha’s Ribon, as a bundle offer with the magazine’s next issue.

Source: Anime News Network

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