This January from the 15th–25th, there’s going to be an exhibition for the original art of the Psycho-Pass anime, which will be held at the Seibu Gallery in Tokyo’s Seibu Ikebukuro main store. The official website for the exhibition has been updated to display the event’s main visual, which features Akane Tsunemori, Nobuchika Ginoza and Shinya Kogami all looking rather intense, and its Twitter account has been posting photos of the preparation of the gallery, and teasing the art that will be on display.

Psycho-Pass exhibition main visual

Shinya Kogami’s seiyuu Tomokazu Seki has provided a guidance recording for visitors, which will tell them the stories behind key pieces of art, as well as taking part in a radio talk with Kenji Nojima who voices Nobuchika Ginoza, and both will be sold on CD at the event. Advance tickets with an extra gift of two cute Chimi-Chara style badges will also be available for 1000 yen from this Saturday, December 5th.

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