News: Steins;Gate 0 visual novel previews introduce new character Kagari Shiina

Two preview trailers have been unveiled for the sequel to the original Steins;Gate visual novel, Steins;Gate 0, and they introduce a new character Kagari Shiina, hinted as being the “girl who holds the key to the story”.

In the first video streaming on 5pb. Games’ YouTube channel, Kagari and travel back in time with Suzuha, and in the second, she meets the mad scientist Rintarō Okabe.

Three Steins;Gate novels and content from a few drama CDs have inspired the journey players will experience in this game, with 5pb.’s executive director Chiyomaru Shikura responsible for the original concept and in charge of planning. Tatsuya Matsubara is on production, while huke returns as character designer, and the opening theme by Kanako Itou, who performed ‘Hacking to The Gate’ for the Steins;Gate anime, was previewed with the reveal of the game’s opening movie (below). Zwei, who sang the opening for the Robotics;Notes anime, will perform the closing theme, with in-game music composed by Takeshi Abe.

When released on December 10th in Japan, the game will retail at 7800 yen for PS3 and PS4, with the PS Vita version available for 6800 yen. Anyone who buys it on PS4 will also receive a download code for the HD remaster of the original Steins;Gate visual novel.

In other news from the Phone Microwave, it’s been confirmed that there will also be an anime adaptation of Steins;Gate 0. For now though, further details for this new series are yet to materialise.

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