News: Previews of returning Universal Cool Japan event show Attack on Titan and Evangelion attractions

The life-size Titan head is back, as Universal Studios Japan will be reviving its Cool Japan attractions next year from January 15th to June 26th.

The experiences being dusted off include Evangelion the Real 4D: 2.0, Attack on the Real 2, Biohazard/Resident the Escape 2, and Monster Hunter the Real, together with the new Kyary Pamyu Pamyu KAWAII World XR Ride.

On the theme park’s site, you can get several quite terrifying glimpses at the attractions, including video teasers of the Survey Corp vs. Female Titan battle, and a view of an Angel attack from Mari Makinami’s Unit 4 Eva.

In more on the Attack on Titan side of proceedings, the life-sized Clone-oids of Levi, Mikasa and Armin will be joined by their good friend, ultra-realistic Eren Jaeger, and the return of the Titan head will bring with it a new Monument of Terror, where you can live that long-held dream (or recurring nightmare) of seeing a Titan peek through the collapsing Wall Sina.

Universal Cool Japan - ultra-realistic Attack on Titan
Universal Cool Japan - Titan head
Universal Cool Japan - Wall Titan

And as for that all-important sustenance, food and drink on offer will include Eva head popcorn and an Angel pork bun, with a refreshing LCL drink to wash them down.

Source: ShingekiKyojin

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