News: ERASED/Bokumachi anime’s third ad previews ending theme

The third commercial for the anime ERASED adapted from Kei Sanbe’s manga Boku dake ga Inai Machi, following the struggling, time-travelling mangaka Satoru Fujinuma, started airing last night on Fuji TV’s Noitamina broadcast which will become the series’ home on January 7th. In this ad, you can hear the ending theme performed by Sayuri, ‘Sore wa Chiisa na Hikari no yō na’ (‘That was like a small light’).

Boku dake ga Inai Machi CM3 via pKjd

The opening theme’s performers are also announced in the ad as Asian Kung-Fu Generation. Led by the Silver Spoon team Tomohiko Ito and Taku Kishimoto, directing and on series composition respectively, Shinnosuke Mitsushima and Tao Tsuchiya star as Satoru aged 29 and 10, and the rest of the cast has been announced as follows:

Aoi Yūki as Kayo Hinazuki
Chinatsu Akasaki as Airi Katagiri
Yō Taichi as Kenya
Akari Kitō as Hiromi
Ayaka Nanase as Osamu
Yukitoshi Kikuchi as Kazu
Takahiro Mizushima as Jun Shiratori
Minami Takayama as Sachiko Fujinuma
Mitsuru Miyamoto as Manabu Yatsushiro

The anime has been licensed by Aniplex of America, and Crunchyroll will be running a simulcast from January 7th starting 11:30am EST, or 4:30pm GMT.

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