Berserk anime project to be announced

On Friday, Hakusensha’s Young Animal magazine will announce a new anime adapting Kentarou Miura’s manga Berserk, and publish Miura’s comments on the project, which include the reveal that Guts will appear in his Black Swordsman garb. The anime’s first promo will be played at NBC Universal’s winter Comiket booth from December 29th-31st, but whether it’s to be a film, TV series or shown in another format is yet to be confirmed.

The 1997 TV series, which only hints at Guts’ identity as the Black Swordsman in the first and final episodes, is also having a Blu-ray re-release announced in this Friday’s Young Animal. This new boxset, which will compile the series’ 2012 HD remaster, is due for release on April 20th at the new price of 18,000 yen.

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