News: Rie Takahashi and Yui Horie become Pretty Cures in Maho Girls PreCure!

The voice cast for the two Pretty Cures (and one talking teddy bear) in Mahou Tsukai PreCure!/Maho Girls PreCure! has been revealed on the series’ official website. Rie Takahashi and Yui Horie band together as Mirai Asahina/Cure Miracle and Riko/Cure Magical, and Ayaka Saito voices their fluffy friend Mofurun. All three are pictured in the main visuals released for the show (above and below).

Mahou Tsukai PreCure visual 2

Rie Takahashi’s previous roles include School-Live!’s Miki, while Horie has portrayed Yamraiha in Magi – The Kingdom of Magic, and Saito voiced Fruits Basket‘s Momiji, but all three actors have had past roles in the PreCure! franchise too. Takahashi was a female student in Go! Princess PreCure, and Horie also had a small part as Tsumugi in Happiness Charge PreCure! the Movie: The Ballerina of the Land of Dolls. Saito, however, had a recurring role as Minori, the little sister of Saki Hyuuga/Cure Bloom/Cure Bright, in the 3rd series Futari wa PreCure Splash Star.

This 13th PreCure series’ theme songs have also been unveiled alongside the voice actors, with Rie Kitagawa, who sang last year’s end theme for Go! Princess PreCure, performing the OP song ‘Dokkin♢Mahou Tsukai PreCure’, and Takahashi and Horie singing the ED song ‘CURE UP↑RA♡PA☆PA!~Hohoemi ni Naru Mahou~’. This marks the first time the main voice actors have sung a theme for a PreCure series, and both performers have proved their singing abilities as well as their acting chops. While Takahashi has been a member of the VA band Earphones since last year, Horie has released nineteen singles – not counting many more game and character songs – along with nine albums in her nineteen-year career.

Mahou Tsukai PreCure will premiere in Japan on February 7th, and is being directed by Masato Mitsuka, who acted as episode director for Smile PreCure!. Emiko Miyamoto, episode animation director for Fresh Pretty Cure, is in charge of character design, while Isao Murayama of PreCure All-Stars DX3 Mirai ni Todoke! Sekai o Tsunagu Niji-Iro no Hana handles series composition.

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