Although new series of two of this year’s most popular anime, One Punch Man and Tokyo Ghoul, have been confirmed by their respective creators Murata Yusuke and Sui Ishida, it seems both have run into snags when it comes to plans for their continuation. Yusuke is taking more time to focus on the strenuous work for the ongoing manga following his reluctant, chrome-domed hero before returning to the anime. Meanwhile, Tokyo Ghoul has been the victim of leaking; having the entire original draft for Tokyo Ghoul ‘Root A’ posted on Reddit has understandably taken Ishida aback, and he’s had to make drastic revisions to the direction of season three.

Yusuke hasn’t made an official announcement about the One Punch Man anime’s release date, but the series’ return is estimated for around November or December this year. Fans have noticed that the animated episodes have been running close to the latest chapters of the manga, and we all know the amount of time and stress that’s going to go into keeping ahead on Yusuke’s part.

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Inquisitr reported (though watch out for spoilers) on the sense of trepidation around the next move for Tokyo Ghoul, and also on Ishida’s supposed plans to make season three a reboot of the first, rather than a sequel. Those who have been following the show and the manga have noticed a divergence between the two storylines after the leak of ‘Root A’, and some are concerned that, considering the new direction, the next stage of the manga, ‘:re’, couldn’t be followed faithfully.  However, the production team at studio Pierrot is yet to make an official comment on how the series will move forward, whether with a reboot or not.

In both cases, patience and empathy are key. Here at our little blog, we’re certain that both creators will continue to do their best for their series, and take care to produce work that their fans will be happy with.

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