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On Thursday, FUNimation Entertainment shared the details of their plans to revamp and relaunch their streaming service. Funimation Now will take off in February, and include as part of its overhaul a new app for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Windows 10 Universal. Below you can watch the launch trailer for the cornucopia of goodies just around the corner.

The iOS, Android and Kindle apps are also being refreshed for February, while a redesigned website and updated console and Roku apps will be released a little later in May. But never mind that, here’s the really exciting news (for us anyway). Next month, with the launch of Funimation Now, the service and its apps will also be available to all of us UK anime fans!

Take a look at the timeline below, released with the announcement on FUNimation’s new website (which for reasons unknown is unavailable from the UK right now), laying out all of their scheduled releases and updates:


All-new mobile apps

Completely redesigned iOS, Android, and Kindle apps

Brand new Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV apps
A new Windows 10 Universal app

Airplay and Chromecast features, allowing you to watch on your TV via your mobile devices

Launch of FunimationNow in the UK


Completely new, immersive website experience and console app updates

Fully responsive website will allow you to experience our site on mobile phones and tablets easily

Advance search allows you to conveniently find and filter shows

Console app updates for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Roku


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