Love Live! Sunshine!! game, music video and livestream announcements

Yesterday’s Love Live! Sunshine!! live-stream not only announced a new summer anime, but a whole heap of idol-girl goodies with the members of the project’s new group Aqours. For one, the nine new girls that fans have taken to their hearts will be joining the Love Live! School Idol Festival game app, and their songs will also make the jump from in-app bonus to regular line-up tracks, starting this summer.

Alongside Aqours’ second single being scheduled for release on April 22nd, with You Watanabe in centre position based on fan voting, to ramp up excitement for the new song and upcoming anime Lantis has released the full-length music video for ‘Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai?’ (‘Is Your Heart Sparkling?’). You can catch the video below, and to meet You and her bandmates, all you need do is visit the newly launched English language website which features pictures and description of all nine of the new idols.

Finally, also during Monday’s live-stream, it was announced that Nico Nico Live will start airing a regular streamed program with Aqours from January 22nd. The first show, ‘Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Nico Nico Live Extracurricular Activity ~It’s a trio! One (Ichi), Two (Ni), Sun(San/Three)shine!!~’, will star the three second-year students Chika Takami, Riko Sakurauchi and You Watanabe.

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