Miyazaki has no idea that Laputa inspired fans to break two Twitter records

When Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli’s movie Laputa: Castle in the Sky was rebroadcast in Japan in 2013, it caused a bit of a whirlwind on Twitter. Members of forums such as 2channel gathered and arranged to tweet the incantation “balse” at the same time the main characters Pazu and Sheeta say the word at the film’s pinnacle point, and when the plan was executed, a record of 143,199 tweets per second was set.

This broke the previous record set on New Year’s Day that same year, when Japanese users tweeted “Ake-Ome” (an abbreviation of “Happy New Year!”) and accomplished 33,388 tweets per second. But before that, in 2011 when the remaster of Laputa was first aired in its native country, the record of 25,088 tweets per second was set once again by Japan.  As the film will be showing on TV again on January 15th, Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki was prompted to mention that Miyazaki remains clueless about his fans’ repeated outpourings of love for Laputa, despite the fact that he himself enjoys seeing all the fan participation.

Of all the staff at Ghibli, it seems none have mentioned these demonstrations of appreciation to him, and it seems most likely that this is because of Miyazaki’s contempt for technology in general. In 2008 he said he doesn’t own a computer and rarely watches television, and he followed this up in 2010 by calling the iPad “disgusting”. To each their own, and we think you’re allowed to diss Apple when you’ve had a 50-year career making some of the world’s most beautiful movies, but we do hope that his faithful following will continue to show their love for his work.

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