News: Monogatari theme song compilation tops Oricon chart

The CD collecting the theme songs from the anime adaptations of NisiOisin’s Monogatari, titled Utamonogatari –Monogatari Theme Songs Compilation Album–, has taken the top spot on the Oricon weekly album chart, selling 66,000 copies in its first week. Released in Japan on January 6th, there are 23 OP and ED themes in total on the CD, creating a Monogatari timeline from Chiwa Saito’s ‘staple stable’, used in Bakemonogatari in 2009, to ‘snowdrop’ by Luna Haruna and Marina Kawani from 2013’s Koimonogatari.

Akio Watanabe, who designed the characters for all the Monogatari anime series, drew new art of the heroines for the album’s release, and all of these illustrations are included in the standard edition. Two special versions come with a Blu-ray or DVD with textless opening and closing sequences, as well as the art booklet. As for international releases, the only news to have come about so far is that Aniplex of America will distribute it in North America on January 18th.

The last anime theme compilation to get to the top of the charts in Japan was, perhaps unsurprisingly, the One Piece Memorial Best album five years and 10 months ago in March 2010. This album followed three others of its kind that made the ascent to #1, including Code Geass Complete Best in January 2009, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny Complete Best in November 2005, and Full Metal Alchemist Complete Best in October 2004.

© Nisio Isin/Kodansha, Aniplex, Shaft

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