The sequel to Itazura na Kiss the Movie ~High School-Hen~ (Mischievous Kiss the Movie: High School Arc) which came to cinemas in Japan last fall has been green-lit for production, and is scheduled for release sometime this year. In this film, titled Itazura na Kiss the Movie Part 2 Campus-Hen (Mischievous Kiss the Movie Part 2: Campus Arc), as you would imagine, the characters from the first have graduated from high school and gone to college. But with this fresh start comes fresh entanglements, and knotty new love connections form when gorgeous genius Yūko Matsumoto and the tennis club’s captain Sudō are thrown into the mix.

Reina Bisa (pictured above, top centre) and Kanta Satō (top right) are returning to their roles as the lead characters Kotoko and Naoki. Takanori Jinnai (Detective Conan TV movie’s Kogoro Mori) also returns as Kotoko’s father, as do Hidehiko Ishizuka (Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow‘s Sōsetsu Kazehana) and Hana no Asuka Gumi!’s  Hikari Ishida as Irie’s father and mother. And Nonoka Yamaguchi of the group E-Girls (bottom left) will reprise her role as classmate Satomi.

Minoru Mizoguchi, who has previously produced several Itazura na Kiss projects, is writing and directing for this film based on Kaoro Tada’s sadly unfinished manga, due to her passing away in an accident in 1999. The series, which ran in Shueisha’s Bessatsu Margaret magazine from 1990 right up to 1999, began with Kotoko Aihara finally working up the courage to tell her crush Naoki Irie that she has admired him from a distance since their first day of high school. Though Naoki’s arrogance sees to it that he rejects her, when an earthquake ruins Kotoko’s house fate binds them together, as a friend of Kotoko’s father, and coincidentally Naoki’s parent, offers them a place to stay.

The Mire Factory and Asia Pictures Entertainment production will begin filming in April, and Asia Pictures Entertainment will be holding cast auditions until the end of January.

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