News: Universal Cool Japan’s Attack on Titan and Evangelion attractions get new promos

This weekend brings with it the launch of Universal Studios Japan’s second run of Cool Japan attractions. Reboots of ‘Attack on Titan: The Real’, ‘Evangelion: The Real 4D’, ‘Biohazard/Resident Evil: The Escape’, and ‘Monster Hunter: The Real’ are sure to be hits once again, and this time they’re joined by a new ride based on the kooky-kawaii world of pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

In anticipation of opening day, a social media promo campaign for the starring attractions has been set up, and fans are encouraged to join in for the chance to win tickets. Scattered amongst the tweets are new Titan animations featuring Eren Yeager and his Yūki Kaji, and Levi with his Hiroshi Kamiya, and a preview of a new Eva design by Ikuto Yamashita for MariUnit-04. You can check out all of the promo clips below.


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