The second light novel volume in NisiOisin’s ‘Off Season’ Monogatari series, Wazamonogatari, has been released with the announcement that NisiOisin will be publishing two more novels for the ‘Off Season’. They will be titled Nademonogatari and Musubimonogatari, and both are confirmed for this year, but their order and dates of release for now remain as enigmatic as Monogatari itself.

The last light novel in Monogatari’s ‘Final Season’, Zokuowarimonogatari went on sale in September 2014 with a very much tonally suitable teaser page that read:

Monogatari Series, Next Season
See you later, alligator
I won’t say farewell.

Orokamonogatari, the first ‘Off Season’ novel, followed quite a while after in October 2015. It isn’t yet known if Tsugimonogatari got pushed back, or whether these novels are the same series under different titles.

In other recent Monogatari news, the first movie adapted from the Kizumonogatari novel (pictured above), Tekketsu, began screening in Japan on January 8th, and the second movie Nekketsu is slated for the summer. Tekketsu will be released in US cinemas by Aniplex of America on February 26th, but the rest of us will have to wait and hope patiently for future news of cinema or home releases.


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