Six months after Dragon Ball Super began on Fuji TV, it’s safe to say it’s been a bit of a flop, especially considering the stratospheric success of Dragon Ball Z. And fans haven’t exactly been quiet concerning why that is. The main qualm has been the quality of the art, and anyone wondering how bad it could be could hardly disagree with complaints when met with examples like these:

But there is one consolation, as it seems franchise creator Akira Toriyama is also unhappy with the handling of the series. In the 30th Anniversary Dragon Ball Super History Book, featuring extensive interviews with Toriyama, he thanks his fans for their support over the years and reminisces that while at one point he thought he was done with Dragon Ball, he couldn’t find it in him to turn away from his magnum opus. But then he goes on to say “I got pissed at the live-action [Hollywood] movie version, I re-wrote an animated feature film’s script, and I complained about the workmanship of the TV anime.” While he’s not explicit in which anime he means, we can’t imagine him being in opposition with his fans over this:

So at least Dragon Ball’s vast, disappointed following can rest somewhat assured that Toriyama is probably even more frustrated about how Super turned out, his caring for his creation plain to see even after 30 years since the anime’s first episode aired. With this in mind, the series’ staff should have taken his complaints to heart, so here’s hoping that in the franchise’s future, we’ll see it return to its former glory.

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