All the way back in November, it was announced in the NANA manga’s ancestral home Cookie that Yue Takasuka’s Good Morning Call would be getting a “screen adaptation”. With no other details given until now, the adaptation’s staff have finally confirmed that Nao Yoshikawa and her super-cool classmate and crush Hisashi Uehara will be the stars of a live-action drama.

The above teaser now streaming on Fuji TV’s website gets right to the housing agency mix-up that lands the two middle-school students living in the same house, The channel’s website has also revealed the drama’s main cast, with the following co-starring beside Haruka Fukuhara as Nao, and Shunya Shiraishi, who portrayed Haruto Soma (alias Kamen Rider Wizard) in three Kamen Rider Wizard live-action movies, as Hisashi:

Dori Sakurada as Daichi (original character)
Moe Arai as Marina
Kentarō as Icchan
Shugo Nagashima as Micchan
Kōya Nagasawa as Jun Abe
Hinako Tanaka as Nanako
Erika Mori (Kamen Rider Hibiki’s Hitomi Mochidaas) as Yuri Uehara

The series will be available in Japan through Fuji TV on-demand and Netflix from February 12th.

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