Digimon World -Next 0rder-

The Digimon and their DigiDestined friends team up for a very wordy five-minute video, introducing characters and walking through the workings of the Digimon World -Next 0rder- game’s battle system, in the latest promo from Bandai Namco released today. Behind the explanation, including the ‘EXE’-Volution function that allows two partner Digimon to combine and assist in battles, you can also hear the game’s theme song, ‘Accentia’ by Eir Aoi.

Players will be able to follow the RPG’s story as either a male or female protagonist, a high-school senior who has loved Digimon since they were very young. Along the way, they team up with Kōta Hirose and Himari Ōfuchi who are in the same year, and partnered with the Digimon Yukimura and Rikka. Another Digimon that comes on the scene, designed by Girls und Panzer’s 3DCG animator Kenji Watanabe especially for the game, is known only as The Executioner. Bandai Namco describes the game’s Story 02:

While the the reconstruction of the town that Kouta and Himari encountered was progressing smoothly, a way to counter the threat of Mugendramon (Machinedramon) has still not been found. At the same time, the protagonists are asked to go to meet Taomon, the leading sage of the Digital World who has more knowledge than even Jijimon.

Having headed to Taomon, the protagonists will the learn truth of what’s happening in this world…

When the game is released for PlayStation Vita in Japan on March 17th, anyone who buys a first edition will get a bonus bundle including the original Digimon World game’s digital soundtrack, two PS Vita themes, consumable in-game items, special Agumon and Gabumon DigiEggs and mysterious Mega Digivolution DigiCores.

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