Today the official Gundam portal site announced that Gundam: The Origin’s third episode, Akatsuki no Hōki (Dawn of Rebellion), will be coming to 15 cinemas in Japan on May 21st. On the same day those who can’t make it to the screenings, or simply can’t wait to watch it again, will be able to stream the episode, and advance sales will be open too.

All members of the Bandai Visual Club who pre-order the Blu-ray, as well as anyone who pre-orders from the Premium Bandai store, will get the bonus gift of a film frame from the episode. And as for the fans who are feeling flash and buy the 10,000-yen collector’s edition, they’ll be able to treasure a special illustration by the project’s chief director Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, the setting material collection and illustration sheets.

To make this a Gundam bundle, have the new 20-second trailer for the second episode of the web anime Gundam Thunderbolt. This next part of the adaptation of Yasuo Ohtagaki’s manga will be up for a general audience in Japan from February 12th at noon, but Gundam Fan Club members will be able to watch it just a week from today, on January 29th, through the club’s smartphone app.

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