News: Love Live! Sunshine!! announces trio unit’s name choices

Welcoming fans into their idols’ world once again, Love Live! Sunshine!! will follow in the tradition of holding a vote for the new sub-unit’s group name. On February 1st, the ten names will be up and gathering the first votes for which banner will be placed beside Printemps, BiBi, and Lily White.

Meanwhile, the Aqours girls’ second single has been revealed with the name ‘Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM’. The song will be released, as always, with an anime music video, and fan votes have decided that You Watanabe, voiced by Shu Saito, will be centre for the April release.

The Seiyuuri site has posted all the potential names for the group’s mini-unit and described their meanings, so you can get a feel for which would make the best fit.



Entry No. 1 – Kyumia (キュミア) – A combination of Cute (Kyuuto) and the sounds cat make “Myaa~”I named it while hoping that they will be loved by everyone.

Entry No. 2 – CoCoA (ココア) – The three of them are natural airheads, cute, and I think they always smells sweet, so they must feel like Cocoa!

Entry No. 3 – CYaRon! (シャロン) – Chika’s C, You’s Y, Ruby’s R, makes a cute name “Sharon” Thus, CYaRoN!

Entry No. 4 – Soar! (ソア) – I made this name while hoping so they can face their dreams as they fly through the sky.

Entry No. 5 – Chu’s Day (チューズデイ) – If you take one character from their names you get “Ka-You-Bi” (Japanese of Tuesday), and with the sound that a kiss makes, “Chu” thus “Chu’s Day!”

Entry No. 6 – Powerful Garage (パワフルガレージ) – They’re energetic, the type that would give everyone courage.

Entry No. 7 – Hidamari Flowers (ひだまりフラワーズ) – They are all like a sunshine, they’re also cute. Just like a Hidamari (lit: Sunny spot, or a spot where the sun shines on).

Entry No. 8 – FiLLY (フィリー) – In English it means “a joyful girl” which is very much like those three.

Entry No. 9 – +chip (Pluschip) (プラスチップ) – With the energetic trio, it’s a combination of Tic (Romantic) and Pudding (Sweet and lively).

Entry No. 10 – Mimi flore (ミミフローラ) – It is French for the goddess of cute flowers. The three of them are lively and playful, so it would be a great fit.

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