News: Your Lie in April live-action movie opens in September

Kodansha has made the reveal through its Comic Plus portal site’s Twitter that the live-action movie of Naoshi Arakawa’s story of hope and courage, Your Lie in April, will come to Japan in September. Starring as the story’s hero, the hopeless piano prodigy Kōsei Arima, will be the Death Note live-action series’ L, Kento Yamazaki. And the violinist who shines light back into his life with her music and bold spirit, Kaori Miyazono, will be portrayed by Chihayafuru: Shimo no Ku‘s Chihaya, Suzu Hirose.

The two lead cast members started practicing their respective instruments half a year before filming began, and a slight shift comes into play between the manga and the movie. Arakawa originally wrote the companions as junior high school students, but in the upcoming live-action interpretation, they will be in their second year of high school.

The film is being directed by the live-action romance Kiyoku Yawaku’s Takehiko Shinjō, with scripts by the Strawberry Night live-action’s Yukari Tatsui. The supporting cast is joined by Anna Ishii of pop group E-girls as Kōsei’s childhood friend Tsubaki Sawabe, with Taishi Nagawa, who starred in the Minami-kun no Koibito ~my little lover live-action series, as Ryōta Watari.

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