The sweet and the sulky: top five shy guys in anime

In our last list, we saved the spaces for the reserved girls, so this time I wanted to celebrate our fave kuudere and dandere guys. They may come across churlish, aloof or outright furious, but we know all they need is a little time and care, and they will show you their loving and sweetly courageous hearts. However, you may need to search for the … Continue reading The sweet and the sulky: top five shy guys in anime

Review: Love, Election and Chocolate

The Shokken Club, AKA the Food Research Club, are a group of kooky snack food otaku, who sit around and scrutinise sweets and treats for sensory appeal and satisfaction. Their clubroom is somewhere between secret hi-tech hideout and storage closet, with goodies tucked away and hidden. It’s led by de-facto leader Yuki Ojima, whose intricate friendship with Chisato Sumiyoshi is Shokken’s support system. We find … Continue reading Review: Love, Election and Chocolate

Review: Kill Me Baby

If your high school best friends were an assassin and a ninja, you’d probably expect the daily drudge to fall into anarchy, but Kill Me Baby, as adapted from Kaduho’s four panel manga, sets off in the opposite direction and blends it in with a happy normality. When the story begins, it’s been a good while since Yasuna latched herself onto Sonya, the killer with … Continue reading Review: Kill Me Baby

In a quiet moment: our top five quiet types in anime

Of all the character types we meet in anime, we here at this little blog feel a special affinity for the shy, withdrawn and quiet. They often feel the most like us, except maybe a bit cooler. Okay, so some are a lot cooler. But they all inspire us to step out of our comfort zones, to be brave and take a chance. And more … Continue reading In a quiet moment: our top five quiet types in anime

The roots of love: cherishing friendship through anime

Spring is stirring in the air and threatens twitterpation, but I wanted to appreciate a different kind of love that’s sometimes overlooked this time of year. Friendship, as we’ve all learned from anime, is a force to be reckoned with, bringing it home as something to treasure and celebrate as much as romance. And when you see it captured in some of our favourite series, they … Continue reading The roots of love: cherishing friendship through anime

Review: Evangelion 3.33

You Can (Not) Redo opens with an orbital orchestration, where Evangelion Unit 01 – with Shinji Ikari sealed inside – is a lifeless partner puppeteered by pilots Asuka Langley Shikinami and Mari Illustrious Makinami. There is something unsettling but beautiful in its movement, in the way the camera floats and follows the action downwards to the lonely blue planet below. Fourteen years have passed since Shinji was sealed, … Continue reading Review: Evangelion 3.33

Review: Haikyu!! Season 1 Collection 1

From gawky soccer player to volleyball upstart, short-stuff Shoyo Hinata goes into his first and only official game of middle school a ball of nervous energy and infectious enthusiasm. Like a kid with his face pressed up against a shop window at Christmas, Sho watched the ‘Tiny Giant’ dominate the court three years before. Without a boys’ volleyball team to his school’s name, he went … Continue reading Review: Haikyu!! Season 1 Collection 1