Last week saw the unveiling of the Great Detective Pikachu trailer after over two years of silence around the “top secret” Pokémon branch-off game and, understandably, the fandom went wild. But, after a short while, it sparked something just a little bit stranger.

A petition was set up on to campaign that Danny DeVito voice the hyper-articulate character for the game’s western release, and it currently stands at over 38,000 signatures. In an effort to snag those 12,000 other supporters it needs – and here’s where it gets truly, wonderfully weird – a fan made mash-up has appeared, laying some of DeVito’s finest moments over the game’s original trailer.

Now, we loved this idea already, so we didn’t need any more convincing. But we think this is bonkers enough to grab the curiosity of 12,000 undecided, without a doubt. And with a bit of luck, by the time it achieves its submission to Nintendo, this campaign might even have captured their attention enough for them to give it more than a transitory thought.

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