The latest Fairy Tail stage play reveal sees its Jellal step out of the shadows, with Hirofumi Araki pictured in costume on its official website. He joins two of his compatriots from Hiro Mashima’s most infamous guild, after Tokyo Ghoul’s Shuuto Miyazaki and Atsushi Shiramata were unveiled in full regalia as Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster over the past few weeks.


The show’s cast listing has also grown, with these actors stepping up beside the costumed trio:

Ayu Manaka as Lucy Heartfilia
Minami Tsukui as Erza Scarlet
Misaki Momose as Wendy Marvell
Naoya Gomoto as Brain/Zero
Yamato Furuya as Midnight
Ikkei Yamamoto as Cobra
Anju Inami (Love Live! Sunshine!!’s Chika) as Angel
Kento Ono as Hibiki Lates
Ren Ozawa as Lyon Vastia

Live Spectacle Naruto stage play’s director Akiko Kodama wrote the script as well as leading the production, and it will run from April 30th to May 9th at Ikebukuro’s Sunshine Theatre.

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