We’re delighted to say that the D.Gray-man anime is returning in 2016, and the latest update in the new issue of Jump SQ. is a first look at the character designs for the adorable Exorcist Allen Walker. A little later, on February 10th, the March issue of Animedia will give us another glimpse with a series pin-up poster.


Ayumu Murase, known for playing Haikyu!!’s equally adorable Shoyo Hinata, is taking up the mantle of the lead role from Sanae Kobayashi, who played Allen in the first anime series. In the spirit of the new show staff and cast interpreting an old favourite, the manga’s author Katsura Hoshino wrote on his blog that, while it can be seen as a brand new series, the story itself will act as a sequel to the original 2006 anime.


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