News: All ten main cast of Kuroko’s Basketball stage play gather for group visual

After this year’s first teaser visual release for the Kuroko’s Basketball stage play, featuring the rookies Kuroko Tetsuya and Taiga Kagami portrayed by Kensho Ono and Yuuya Asato, and Shota Onuma as their Tōō Academy rival Daiki Aomine, a new visual sees the full main cast join them on the court.


All with their eye on the ball, seven team members back the main trio, and shown for the first time in costume there’s Testuya Makita as Junpei Hyuga, Ryutaro Akimoto as Shun Izuki, Ryunosuke Matsumura as Yukio Kasamatsu, James Takeshi Yamada as Kazunari Takao, and finally, Akihiro Hayashi as Shōichi Imayoshi. Mario Kuroba as Ryota Kise and Ryo Hatayama as Shintaro Midorima are also in the group shot after their costume reveals last month.

This adaptation of Tadatoshi Fujimaki’s manga, which is titled Kuroko’s Basketball: The Encounter, is written and directed by Norihito Nakayshiki, who also penned another sports manga-based stage play in Hyper Projection Play Haikyū!!. It will run for 21 performances at the Sunshine Gekijō theatre in Ikebukuro from April 8th–24th, with ticket sales beginning on February 27th.

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