The promo for the second part the Digimon tri. movie series, Digimon Adventure tri. Ketsui (Determination), has been released for all the DigiDestined out there on the films’ official website. With its expected teaser for the third part Kokuhaku (Confession) coming this summer, denoting a tear-jerking goodbye between Patamon and T.K., it’s only a kick-start to a stretch of promo events and cool stuff to be had by fans.

As well as a planned webcast with the voice of Taichi Yagami, Hanae Natsuki through NicoNico Live on March 3rd, character designer Atsuya Uki’s cover art has been revealed for Ketsui’s April 2nd Blu-ray release, and from March 4th to April 10th, the historical-themed Oedo Onsen bathhouses seen in Digimon will be running their own promo event lavished with appropriate goodies. Amongst the collaboration’s treats, there will be exclusive yukata art and a collectible stamp rally that customers can complete for a prize.

The second movie will open for a three-week run in selected cinemas in Japan on March 12th, and will also be available to purchase online the same day. And before the 7000-yen DVD and 8000-yen Blu-ray general releases, cinemas will also be offering a limited edition Blu-ray of the film.



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