The final live concert for the Love Live! unit μ’s draws ever nearer, and as we prepare to wish goodbye to the anime’s first, nine-strong group, more theatrical screenings for the event have been added to the bill across Japan. The screenings will be shown on a two hour time delay from the live concert at the Tokyo Dome, and there are also encore showings planned for select cinemas on April 2nd, to give as many fans as possible the chance to experience the event.


Love Live! μ’s Final Love Live! – μ’sic Forever” will be held live on March 31st and April 1st, and a lottery drawing for seat reservations will stay open until February 23rd. Whether or not the lottery entrants get their lucky break, pre-purchase tickets are available for 3800 yen. And for more details on times and places for the lives and screenings, you can check the official Japanese homepage for the event here.


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