This spring Reiko Yoshida, known for writing the Girls und Panzer and K-ON! anime, is teaming up with Non Non Biyori’s author Atto on the original anime Hai-Furi, and it’s just got its first preview. Details such as cast are sparse at the moment, but this first look gets us pepped up with TrySail’s theme song, and an introduction to Sword Art Online II character designer Naoto Nakamura’s work from Atto’s original designs.

Hai-Furi PV via pKjd

Director Yu Nobuta, with Production IMS of Active Raid and The Testament of Sister New Devil, leads on this series which sees Akeno Misaki and her childhood friend Moeka China start at an all-girls school that specialises in teaching maritime skill and culture. Together with their new friends, they train to protect the seas as Blue Mermaids.



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