The UK publishers Titan Comics took the opportunity of the ComicsPRO retailers summit in Portland, Oregon to announce that they will be publishing the manga of the BBC series Sherlock in the UK and US this June. Benedict Cumberbatch as our most brilliant and odd detective, alongside Martin Freeman as his constant companion Dr. Watson, was originally brought to modern London by the Doctor Who team of Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss and Stephen Thompson, but a new interpretation was created by mangaka Jay. for Kadokawa’s Young Ace magazine from 2012.


The manga series, which has already been published in a bilingual edition (pictured above) by Kadokawa for Japanese students studying English, begins its publication for English-speaking readers with Sherlock: A Study in Pink. This release will feature additional pages and alternative covers by artists such as Alice X Zhang, and will be available both digitally and in print.

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