The official website for this year’s live-action Death Note movie has revealed the latest addition to the cast, after Sōsuke Ikematsu as L’s successor Ryuzaki, Masahiro Higashide as Death Note Investigator Mishima, and Masaki Suda as the Kira reverant cyber-criminal Yuki Shion. Rina Kawaei, a former member of the idols AKB48, is joining on as the most terrible Death Note user Sakura Aoi. One of the six killer notebooks’ owners, she’s described as completely indiscriminate in her killings and the polar opposite of Light Yagami, and we can see from the website’s image of Kawaei in costume that she’s a shady individual indeed.


This new film will be directed by the Gantz live-action’s Shinsuke Sato, its story anchored in cyber-terrorism and the original six Death Notes max rule. The manga decreed that only six Notes can exist on Earth at any one time, but neither the anime, live-action series, stage play nor any movies to date have enforced this rule. The first film to break this cycle will screen across Japan this fall.

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