The Queer Japan Project wants to spotlight people living in Japan who don’t conform to sexual or gender norms within their society, so it has launched a Kickstarter to raise funds for a documentary led by director Graham Kolbeins, and co-writer Anne Ishii who also wrote Fantagraphics Books’ Massive: Gay Erotic Manga and the Men Who Make It.

The project has already scheduled interviews with several artists creating their own revolutions, like the self-proclaimed bara (gay manga) master Gengoroh Tagame, and feminist manko (pussy) artist Rokudenashiko who’s battled with the social backlash and obscenity charges fired by her provocative displays, which have included giving away 3D printer data of her vagina as a crowdfunding reward.

Among the other artists and activists taking part are drag queen Vivienne Sato, Hiroshi Hasegawa (pictured above left with Gengoroh Tagame) the HIV activist, writer and G-men magazine co-founder alongside Tagame, visual artist Nogi Sumiko and Atsushi Matsuda of the butoh dance group DAIRAKUDAKAN.  The project has raised $12, 316 of its $45,000 goal, and you can pitch in till March 15th. If they reach their funding goal, the documentary will be filmed in Japan from April to August, with aims to bring it to Japanese film festivals next year.

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