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Director Hiroshi Nishikiori of Azumanga Daioh and A Certain Magical Index, and producer Yasutake Honjo at the new anime production studio Symphonium! Born have launched the Kickstarter aiming to fund the new idol anime short Chika*Chika Idol, which they announced the concept for last October. The project hopes to raise $130,000 by March 23rd to help with production, and to get a release out on English subtitled Blu-ray.

This series following the lives of underground idols Pâtithree (or Patisserie) will take a slightly different look at idol lifestyle than we’re used to seeing in shows like Love Live! and Super Sonico. Also known as ‘live idols’ and ‘indie idols’, underground idols don’t work towards mass media exposure, instead focusing on putting their all into their live performances. The Kickstarter gives a plot synopsis, as well as explaining the message of creator support and direct, genuine fan collaboration they want to support with the show:

CHIKA*CHIKA IDOL is the story of three young girls in the old towns of Tokyo who dream of becoming idols.
They can’t get into a talent agency, nor do they have any albums released – but they can’t sit around and wait for that to happen! They want to get up on stage and perform with all their hearts – now!
CHIKA*CHIKA IDOL is a brand new idol animation project, depicting underground idol girls whose activities are centered around live performances. This episode in-the-making will unveil the very first live performance of the 3-girl idol unit, Pâtithree, the events leading up it, and what happens afterward!
The story in the anime will be based on the comic (currently available on the official website), and will continue on to depict the developments that follow, so be sure to check out the comic first!
Fifty pages of the official comic in English are available to read for free here!

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As many of you know, anime is commonly viewed for free around the world, making Blu-ray and DVD sales (the main source of revenue for anime production) very difficult. As it is already, the Japanese anime industry is a harsh place for anime creators, who have no choice but to work long hours on minimal pay just to ensure that anime is produced. That is why we are taking the initiative to search for new ways to create anime, in order to be able to continue bringing fans around the world the anime that they love!
With crowdfunding, we aim to create an anime series born from the direct support of its fans. Not only do fans get to directly support the production of the anime, they also get to receive special, unique rewards!
Furthermore, we intend to give back to anime creators their deserved share of returns. We believe that with this model of direct fan support, ethical pay in the anime industry could become a reality.

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