An anime adaptation of the Magi manga spin-off Magi: Sinbad no Bouken (Magi: Adventure of Sinbad) has been confirmed, so prepare for more swashbuckling magical antics with Shinobu Ohtaka’s characters. The show based on the Yoshifumi Ohtera-illustrated manga, now serialised on Shogakukan’s web comic site Ura Sunday, will debut on April 15th.

Magi - Adventure of Sinbad

The spin-off is set thirty years before the Magi manga’s main adventures, and this anime series follows four OAD episodes released from 2014 to 2015. Daisuke Ono, who voiced Sinbad for the OADs, is returning to the role for the full series, and the theme song performers have also been confirmed. PENGUIN RESEARCH, who gave Durarara!! ×2 The Third Arc its ending theme, is performing the OP ‘Spotlight’, and the ending theme ‘Polaris’ is by Fujifabric, who have had songs featured in Silver Spoon and, one of our personal favourite anime, tsuritama.


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