Mobile Suit Gundam and Edo-era minimalist storytelling. Sunrise has proved the two are match made in Heaven’s Base in their latest project partnership with master rakugo storyteller Shiraku Tatekawa, who they employed to interpret the timeless rivalry between Amuro Ray and Char Aznable for a performance entitled Last Shooting.

Gundam - Last Shooting

In traditional rakugo, a single performer tells a complex comedic or romantic tale with only a paper fan, a small cloth, their voice and facial and physical expressions. Tatekawa adapts the old story Daikushi Rabe (Carpenter’s Survey) to the Gundam conflict. In the place of the original lazy carpenter feuding with his landlord over past-due rent, there’s instead Amuro as the carpenter with Char as the owner of the house, but the story’s still set in the Edo period. What we wouldn’t give for a subbed video of this performance.

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