The latest UK update on FunimationNow lets us know what we’ll be paying for the FUNimation overhaul.  The service announced on its official Twitter that a SubPass, giving access to all the UK’s simulcast and catalogue titles in Japanese with English subtitles, will cost £3.99. But if you want to go for the All-Access option, which allows you to watch all UK content both subbed and dubbed, including broadcast dubs, the price-tag is £6.99.

FUNimation confirmed in replies to the announcement that these prices are monthly rates, but they’re also “exploring a year option and will share any updates accordingly.”

UPDATE: FUNimation have now announced the monthly costs for FunimationNow in the Republic of Ireland. The SubPass will give access to all of the UK and Ireland’s subbed series and is priced at €4.99, while the €7.99 All-Access pass allows you to watch all UK and IRE content subbed and dubbed, including broadcast dubs.

You ROI anime fans also get your own dedicated website, which you’re free to click over to and sign up for email updates from FunimationNow.

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