News: Eiichiro Oda publishes designs for One Piece Film Gold’s original characters

The official One Piece website has revealed the original characters who’ll be going toe-to-toe with our old friends the Straw Hats in the franchise’s 13th anime movie, One Piece Film Gold. Eiichiro Oda drew the rough drafts for these designs published in Monday’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, and they’ve been given their names and characteristics (from left to right) as follows:


Gild Tezoro, an extremely wealthy casino king who’s said to possess 20% of the world’s monetary Beli, who controls the huge golden ship Gran Tezoro. He is a devil fruit user who ate the Gol Gol fruit.

Carina, a popular singer with a beautiful voice who is shrouded in mystery.

Dice, a muscle-bound dealer on Gran Tezoro who offers his audience the highest level of game. He also has a special ability.

Baccarat, a devil fruit user who ate the Lucky Lucky fruit and has the power to change someone’s luck with a touch. She is the mysterious and elegant escort for the Straw Hat pirates, and the concierge of the Gran Tezoro.

Mr. Tanaka, a devil fruit user who ate the Nuke Nuke fruit (“nukenuke” can mean “to do something however one pleases” or “to draw out”). With his subtle powers, he’s taken charge of the Gran Tezoro’s interior security.

One Piece Film Gold.jpg

As ever, the manga’s original creator Eiichiro Oda is on deck as executive producer, with Hiroaki Miyamoto, the third series’ director for the One Piece anime, joining as director. Novelist and newcomer to anime writing Tsutomu Kuroiwa, who is known for penning live-action dramas and films such as the 2014 Black Butler movie, has written the script, and all of the main voice cast from the anime are confirmed to return once again.

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