Stu Levy, the founder of the manga publisher and anime distributor TokyoPop, is producing a film adaptation of his own graphic novel Juror 13 as revealed by The Hollywood Reporter earlier this week. Levy has already taken on a screenwriter for the production, with Michael Ferris of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Terminator 4: Salvation in charge of adapting the screenplay from the graphic novel, and it’s being produced in association with China’s Artention Films. However, no director or cast members have been attached to the project just yet. But as for a rough release time, Levy hopes to begin production in 2017, with a worldwide release to follow the same year or in 2018.

Written under Levy’s pen name D.J. Milky and illustrated by Makoto Nakatsuka, the digital comics platform comiXology describes the book:

With the arrival of a mysterious jury summons, a man’s life is thrust into a dizzying downward spiral: his fiancée leaves him, he has problems at work, and his best friend is suddenly nowhere to be found. As the jury trial approaches, who can he trust? Why does he suddenly feel that he has to defend his every move? And who exactly is Juror 13? Can he trust what he sees?


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